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        2022-08-01 10:34

        The Party's history of struggle is a course of rallying the people and leading them to explore, establish and develop whole-process people's democracy.


        Whole-process people's democracy is a logical outcome of history, theory and practice based on the strenuous efforts of the people under the leadership of the Party. It is a requisite for maintaining the very nature of the Party and fulfilling its fundamental purpose.


        Whole-process people's democracy, giving full expression to the socialist nature of the state and the people's principal position, serves to better represent the people's will, protect their rights and fully unleash their potential to create.


        Whole-process people's democracy has formed and developed in a nationwide effort, led by the CPC, to strive for national independence, the country's prosperity, and the people's liberation and wellbeing. It is rooted in this vast land, nourished by the culture and traditions of the Chinese civilization, and draws on the achievements of human civilization. Suited to the conditions in China and embraced by the people, it has solid foundations and a bright future.

        全過程人民民主,具有完整的制度程序和完整的參與實踐,使選舉民主和協商民主這兩種重要民主形式更好結合起來,構建起覆蓋960多萬平方公里土地、14 億多人民、56個民族的民主體系,實現了最廣大人民的廣泛持續參與。

        Whole-process people's democracy is a complete system with supporting mechanisms and procedures, and has been fully tested through wide participation. It integrates two major democratic models - electoral democracy and consultative democracy. It operates a democratic system covering a population of more than 1.4 billion from 56 ethnic groups of a vast country, making possible the wide and sustained participation of all its people.


        Whole-process people's democracy has distinctive Chinese characteristics; it also exemplifies common values and contributes China's ideas and solutions to the political progress of humanity.


        CPC leadership is the fundamental guarantee for whole-process people's democracy.


        A Sound Institutional Framework


        The people's status as masters of the country is the bedrock of all the systems of the country, and underlies the operation of all the systems for state governance.


        The Governing System of the People's Democratic Dictatorship


        The Constitution describes China as a socialist country governed by a people's democratic dictatorship that is led by the working class and based on an alliance of workers and peasants.


        The fundamental nature of the state is defined by the people's democratic dictatorship.


        All power of the state belongs to the people to ensure that they administer state affairs and manage economic and cultural undertakings and social affairs through various channels and in various ways in accordance with the Constitution and laws.


        China takes resolute action against any attempt to subvert the country's political power or endanger public or state security, to uphold the dignity and order of law and safeguard the interests of the people and the state.


        Democracy and dictatorship appear to be a contradiction in terms, but together they ensure the people's status as masters of the country.


        A tiny minority is sanctioned in the interests of the great majority, and "dictatorship" serves democracy.



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